Sunday, March 3, 2013

~ "Keiko" Dashwood's first Mesh bridesmaid dresses ~

The new "Keiko" dress in now available in our store!! This is our first Mesh bridesmaid dress but not our last!  With seven colours to choose from,  you are sure to find the perfect colour for your perfect day!

Just be sure when the photographer is taking pictures that your bridesmaid/s don't go cross eyed like Autumn did during the shoot!! ;)

 Dress 1:    Dashwood ~           'Scarlet Heart' Keiko Mesh Bridesmaid Dress 
 Dress 2:    Dashwood ~           'OZ' Keiko Mesh Bridesmaid Dress 
Hair 1:       Exile ~                    'Waiting for Tonight' in Vanilla
Hair 2:       Exile ~                    'This years love' in Beach
Eyes:         Ikon ~                     'Pale Azure Sunrise Eyes
Skin:         Belleza ~                 'Elle' SK Blond Bundle
Shoes:       Ncore ~                   'Galaxy' Temptation Xtremeheel

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